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Cedar Court FAQs



Q. Who can live at Cedar Court, and is it expensive?


A. Cedar Court is for people 55 years and older.  On average, it will cost about the same or even less to live at Cedar Court than it does to maintain a private home.


Q. Where is it located?


A. Cedar Court is located on land owned by the Ness County Hospital, District #2 in Ness City, Kansas.  The site is adjacent to the Hospital and is convenient to all parts of the City.


Q. What is the relationship between Cedar Court and the Ness County Hospital?


A. The Hospital will be responsible for the maintenance of Cedar Court.  This will insure all residents that project ownership will remain in the community and that the management will be responsive to residents and family concerns.


Q. May I bring my own furniture?


A. Yes.  Your home comes unfurnished and is yours to furnish as you choose.


Q. What will be included in each home?


A. Each home will have a large living area with bay window, separate bedrooms, private baths, fully equipped kitchen, private patio, and will be individually heated and air-conditioned. 


Q. What utilities are included with the monthly rent?


A. Monthly apartment rent includes basic cable T.V. service and all utilities except for telephone.


Q. Can my children or friends visit whenever I like and is it all right for them to stay the night?


A. Yes.  Children, family, and guests are always welcome at Cedar Court.  You may have company anytime you wish.  Your family or guest may stay with you in your apartment.


Q. Will there be meals available?


A. Yes.  As an optional service, we will have a complete staff of foodservice professionals who will prepare and serve a variety of entrees, salads, vegetables, and deserts.


Q. Will I have a place to park my car?


A. Each apartment will have off street parking with several apartments having their own single car garage complete with automatic opener.  The garages are large enough and space is available for long-term storage items.


Q. What if I need assistance in an emergency?


A. Each home is equipped with an emergency call system which will bring assistance to you in a few minutes.


Q. What services are available for an additional charge?


A. Additional services that are available include housekeeping, meals for apartment residents and guest meals.  Home health and special resident needs can also be provided on an individual basis.


Q. When can I make reservations to live at Cedar Court?


A. To discuss reservations, please contact:


Ness County Hospital

312 Custer

Ness City, KS 67560


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