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​Job Title: Nurse Aide

Department:    Nursing
Reports To:    Charge RN

Key Contacts:    Patients, physicians, ambulance personnel, families, and other hospital staff

JOB QUALIFICATIONS Experience:    Previous inpatient hospital setting preferred.
Education / Certification:    CNA certification within the State of Kansas.  CPR certified


Assists professional nursing staff by performing basic patient care activities and related non-professional services in caring for the personal needs and comfort of the patients.


•    Ability to work well in team-oriented facility.
•    Ability to communicate with other staff members, guests, and patients within the hospital.
•    Ability to work and interact with patients, staff members and guests within the hospital.


•    Telephone System / Paging
•    Fire Extinguisher / Alarms
•    Office equipment:  copier, fax machine, printers, etc.
•    Emergency Medical Equipment
•    Monitors and Monitoring Systems
•    Call system



The following are primary tasks, duties and standards for this job.  However, additional skills and/or assignments may be given to you.

•    Communicates with other staff members and organizes work for the day. 
•    Observes and reports patient’s abnormal or questionable signs/symptoms to licensed nurse.
•    Performs duties that have been demonstrated/define in policy within the limitations of a nurse’s aide.
•    Maintains accurate, timely documentation in patient’s chart, within the limitations of licensure.
•    Answer call lights promptly.
•    Interacts with patients and family members to meet the needs of the patient.
•    Assists in the admission and discharge of patients.
•    Maintains a general appearance of the facility; assuring rooms are cleaned appropriately and other areas of the unit.
•    Assists in the coverage of the emergency room as assigned by RN. 
•    Assists in restocking of patient rooms (i.e. admission packets, oxygen supplies, monitor patches, exchange of sharp containers, etc.).


•    Safety Management - working in an appropriate manner and reporting safety violations to appropriate personnel.
•    Knowledge of HIPPA regulations.
•    Confidentiality 
•    Knowledge of Infection Control Policy and Procedures
•    Knowledge of Fire and Disaster Plans throughout the facility
•    Knowledge of Risk Management Policy and Procedures
•    Knowledge of other hospital-wide and departmental policy and procedures.
•    Participates in hospital-wide and departmental in-services and/or training. 

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