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Ness County Emergency Medical Service will be sponsoring an evening EMT class for Ness County residents who are interested in completing the requirements to become a Nationally Certified Emergency Medical Technician. The course will begin in mid-August and will require approximately 180 hours of classroom study and practical skills as well as clinical practice with the local hospital and EMS service. Students will be expected to study outside of the classroom setting. The course will be completed in approximately 5-6 months.  We are taking applications for positions in the class. Successful students will be trained to assist with covering call and transfers. Anyone with an interest in assisting others during an illness or after an injury is encouraged to consider taking this course. Applicants must be seventeen or older may enroll in the course.


EMTs are trained to operate the ambulance and to provide emergency medical care and treatment in times of single emergent events as well as major disasters. This course is a pre-requisite for progressing to a Paramedic career.  It is often a pre-requisite for those considering a career in firefighting in larger communities. There is a state-wide and a nation-wide shortage of trained EMS personnel. Successful completion of this course would allow an individual to qualify for an entry level EMT position in any community in Kansas. It will also allow the individual to become Nationally Certified. EMTs are employed by both large and small services across the United States.


We are accepting applicants who will become part of the Ness County EMS team upon successful completion of the course and testing. For more information, contact Kathy Clouston—South Ness County Service Director (785-798-0174). There will be an organizational meeting in early August. Anyone who is interested in becoming an Emergency Medical Technician or anyone who would like to know more about the program is encouraged to contact Kathy.  Information concerning costs and possible assistance, other questions, and specific information about the class will be provided. If you would like to apply to be considered for our program, please contact Kathy. Enrollment applications will be accepted until the first night of class. More information will be released in coming issues of the Ness County News and on the Ness County Hospital website.

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