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Environmental Services

Environmental services workers play a critical role in hospital safety. These workers clean the facilities to hospital standards. They aid in the prevention of communicable diseases by thoroughly sanitizing public areas and private rooms alike. These employees also perform other housekeeping duties, like doing laundry and making sure cleaning supplies are well stocked and available.

Essential Duties

In addition to patient rooms and waiting rooms, environmental service workers also clean office and administrative areas in a hospital as well as restrooms and hallways. These employees mop, sweep and vacuum floors. Performing laundry duty is a big part of the job. Workers must complete this task in a precise way that meets hospital standards. This includes sorting, washing, drying, folding and storing linens, towels and other items. Environmental service workers frequently disinfect door knobs, handles, sinks, fixtures and walls to curb the spread of germs. Using extreme caution, they also perform garbage pickup and disposal.

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