Laboratory Services

Normal laboratory hours are: 

7:30a.m. to 4:30p.m.

Monday thru Friday

Off times are covered by "on call" personnel. Please call 785-798-2291 if you have any questions.

The goal of the NCH laboratory staff is to provide accurate, reliable and consistent analysis in the shortest time possible for the well being of our patients. We pride ourselves on our hometown family atmosphere.

With the use of advanced technology and instrumentation, Ness County Hospital is able to offer a full range of medical laboratory services which plays an important role in detecting, diagnosing, and aiding the treatment of a disease or condition. 

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Hospital Business Hours

Mon - Fri: 7am - 5pm

E.R. - 24/7/365

Visiting hours 8am - 8pm


Mon - Fri: 8:30am - 5pm


In providing services, no person shall be discriminated against on the basis of race, sex, color, national origin, mental/physical disability, age, or disease process.